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Anthro Wolf TF by Pokefan-Tf Anthro Wolf TF :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 4 3 Anthro Yorkie TF by Pokefan-Tf Anthro Yorkie TF :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 10 32 Jenny Wakeman TF/TG by Pokefan-Tf Jenny Wakeman TF/TG :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 15 3 Vampire TF by Pokefan-Tf Vampire TF :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 4 4
Aliens. (TF RP)
You (or I, or we) happen to be stargazing one night. Strangely, a bright light forms above as you get pulled up into an alien spacecraft.
...Things are only about to get weird.
1. Side effects allowed are TG, AP, AR, and MC. Anything else, please ask.
2. If you have a specific alien type in mind, say so in your first comment.
3. Put effort into your comments. It's hard to respond to 'ok' or '...'.
4. To prove you read the rules, say the answer to 5*7.
5. Try to have decent grammar.
6. Have fun!
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 6 2,784
Will (Reference) by Pokefan-Tf Will (Reference) :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 3 32 Arceus TF by Pokefan-Tf Arceus TF :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 2 3 Mega Lopunny TF/TG by Pokefan-Tf Mega Lopunny TF/TG :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 8 2 Lopunny TF/TG by Pokefan-Tf Lopunny TF/TG :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 19 3 King Dedede TF by Pokefan-Tf King Dedede TF :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 5 8
Another simple RP, but there is only one rule: I have to TG, in some way or another. Please, go creative!
1. I have to TG in some way.
2. Side effects allowed are AP, AR, and Reality Change. Anything else, please ask.
3. In your first comment, enter the answer to 5 x 7.
4. Have fun! Please, go all-out and creative with it.
5. Please, put some sort of effort in your responses.
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 1 847
A Real Life Pokeball? (TF/TG RP)
You (and/or me) end up walking in the park, out of complete boredom. However, you (and/or I) see something strange sitting in the grass.
...A Pokeball?
It can't be real... Right?
1. Side effects allowed are TG, AP, AR, and MC. Anything else, please ask.
2. This will be a human transformation. You will change into a Gym leader of any generation, or a Pokemon trainer.
3. Enter the answer to 4 x 4 in the first comment.
4. Put effort into your responses. It's hard to reply to an 'ok' or '...'.
5. Have fun!
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 6 4,273
Victini TF by Pokefan-Tf Victini TF :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 8 4 Sans TF/TG by Pokefan-Tf Sans TF/TG :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 14 12
Pokemon High School. (TF RP)
You ended up moving to a new town with your parents. How great, right? However, it turns out that the local high school isn't normal. Far from it, actually...
As you will soon find out.
1. Anthro is mandatory. Other side effects are AP, AR, TG, and MC. Anything else, you can ask.
2. Comment with what pokemon you'll change into.
3. Also comment the answer to 3x3 in your first comment.
3. Put effort into your responses. It's hard to work with one or two-word responses.
4. Decent grammar would be appreciated.
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 19 13,444
Froslass TF/TG by Pokefan-Tf Froslass TF/TG :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 12 2


Princess Luna MLP TFTG by Settop-TF Princess Luna MLP TFTG :iconsettop-tf:Settop-TF 17 0 Sylveon TF TG by AverageGuardLucas Sylveon TF TG :iconaverageguardlucas:AverageGuardLucas 39 16 Milotic TF Sequence by htfman114 Milotic TF Sequence :iconhtfman114:htfman114 4 23 Latias TF TG by AridiaPizarro Latias TF TG :iconaridiapizarro:AridiaPizarro 13 18 :RQ: Determination Curse by htfman114 :RQ: Determination Curse :iconhtfman114:htfman114 5 4 Mega Gardevoir TF by AverageGuardLucas Mega Gardevoir TF :iconaverageguardlucas:AverageGuardLucas 21 20 Feel the power (collab) by Ravieel Feel the power (collab) :iconravieel:Ravieel 38 18 Flames- Mega Charizard X TF by BlackDragonTFArt Flames- Mega Charizard X TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 35 21 Fly me to the moon by Ravieel Fly me to the moon :iconravieel:Ravieel 31 26 Xurkitree TF by LUNA1071996 Xurkitree TF :iconluna1071996:LUNA1071996 4 37 Warning: Z Crystals are for Pokemon use only by MentalCrash Warning: Z Crystals are for Pokemon use only :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 165 50 Latias Tf Tg [ART TRADE] by diamondTY Latias Tf Tg [ART TRADE] :icondiamondty:diamondTY 4 2 Fairy of dragons by Ravieel Fairy of dragons :iconravieel:Ravieel 50 49 :RQ: Alolan Ninetales TFTG by htfman114 :RQ: Alolan Ninetales TFTG :iconhtfman114:htfman114 10 2 :RQ: Gladion TF by htfman114 :RQ: Gladion TF :iconhtfman114:htfman114 5 4 Mega Ampharos TF by Sansiff Mega Ampharos TF :iconsansiff:Sansiff 22 12


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So, recently, I graduated from high school, and I'm going to college next year.

You may have noticed that I've been a bit inactive for the past month or so. Well, I have good reasons. I got a part time job, which leaves me with less time on here.

I've also been a bit inactive in RPs. As of this time, I have 88 responses to my RPs. Because of this, I've been overwhelmed, and shut down a little bit. In some RPs, I've even forgotten the main story.

Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. I'll still try to be active.
  • Playing: Pokemon Emerald
  • Eating: edibles
  • Drinking: liquids
People. Stop nudging me about RPs. I have other stuff to worry about.


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